NIAR Coverage, Team Media and Visibility

In order to promote you and your team, and start building our media audience we would like you to get yourself filmed (with as good sound as possible) answering a few questions and then drop the material in the Dropbox link below as uncompressed as possible. You can use your smartphone (if using a cellphone, make sure you film it in Landscape format), GoPro or DSLR camera.

If you have someone that can do this for you, that is awesome. If not, you can film yourself with your phone using your headset as microphone.

Choose a language that you feel comfortable with, we prefer English, however we can manage to translate Swedish, English and Finish. If you use another language please provide a rough translation in a text file, in English.

It doesn’t have to be nicely filmed, just so we can se you. Answer the question, no editing is needed, we’ll edit the material for you and your team. If you have additional material from when you train our race, drop that into the DropBox too.

  • What are you going to be doing? Adventure Racing?
  • Name, age and from where?
  • Team name
  • Who where you when growing up?
  • When you found adventure racing, what change?
  • What do you love with it?
  • What did that lead into?
  • How did you found out about Adventure Racing?
  • Have you done anything like this before?
  • What does it mean to you to do NIAR?
  • What are you doing in life and career right now?
  • How do you define being an explorer?
  • What makes you do it?

Try to do keep all answers down to 5 min. Most important is the sound, try to film where there is no wind. If possible, use a microphone and a tripod.

If you have extra material from other races, please send us them. Max 5 min.

Film close-ups, team shot, sponsor logos, each team member, gear, when you laugh, when you something together like shorts clips from training, eating or from work.

Let’s make Adventure Racing great again!

Thank you!

NIAR Coverage, Team Media and Visibility

Nordic Islands Adventure Race organization/media house will support each individual team with a team video and broadcast it before the race.

We’ll use these to promote the sport and your team in our media channels. We gladly see that teams pass them on in their channels. NIAR will also promote and use teams private content in NIAR channels. NIAR has an organic spread between 70.000-120.000 views.

  • In addition, Swedish Television will be there and make a documentary.
  • Swedish Sport channel “SVT sports” will send summaries during the competition.
  • Finnish Yle will also makes a documentary about the race.
  • One Eye Open Media House from the USA will be there to cover the race.

For printing media NIAR have journalists from South America, South Africa, Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet, Sleep monsters and Endorphine Mag from France.

Visit Stockholm will also as main partner make great venture around this event as a partner together with Visit Åland, Visit Finland, Visit Sweden and Visit Finland.

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