Mandatory Gear

Teams will use the Standard ARWS Mandatory Equipment list.

At the Swimrun Leg teams will use standard Swimrun rules and mandatory gear. http://otilloswimrun.com/rules/ If teams enter this section at night or will be on this leg in darkness, an white light (that covers all directions, 360°) on the head of each team member will be compulsory. At TA before this leg, teams are allowed to leave their backpacks for transportation to next TA.

Transition Bags

All teams must bring their own TA bags. Three 130 Liter bags are allowed with a maximum weight of 20 kg. One paddle bag and one PackRaft bag will be supplied to each team by race organization.

Bike Boxes

Each athlete must provide a bike box made by hard plastic to be no larger than 140cm X 80cm X 30cm (standard ARWS size). If you don’t have a bike box, you can pre order one at info@nordicislandsar.com. Cost: 180 Euro.

Paddle Bags

Each team will be provided with one ARWS standard paddle bag of dimensions 150cm x 50cm x 50cm.

Kayaks/ Pack Rafts

Kayaks will be provided by the Race Organisation. Teams will need to bring their own pack rafts.