About the Area

The Nordic Islands are the ancient home of the Vikings and in their spirit you will undertake great feats of exploration as part of the Nordic Islands Adventure Race.

The 2018 race will set teams on an epic journey from Sweden, across the Baltic Sea, through the Åland Islands and ending in Finland.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and teams will meet here to start the race.  The 700 year old city spreads over 14 islands, is paved with cobblestone streets and has a rich history of castles, museums and culture.

For further information visit www.visitstockholm.com Photo: Henrik Trygg

The Nordic Islands are home to literally thousands of islands – a truly unique place like nothing else in the entire world with 26 000 islands just in the Stockholm archipelago.

The race will cross through the Åland Islands – 6,700 of which are named and with a total of 20,000 islands and inlets for you to travel through it will be a maritime challenge of the highest order.

For further information visit http://www.visitaland.com/en/

The ultimate destination for adventurers in the 2018 Nordic Islands Adventure Race is the country of Finland, famous for it’s pristine lakes, wild forests and the real Santa Claus. Åbo, our locally known as Turku, is our final destination and the oldest city in Finland with rich culture and history.

While this will bring a close of your epic Viking journey the long daylight hours of summer will ensure you see the most of region.

For further information visit www.visitturku.fi