• Rappel device; ATC, ATC Guide or Reverso 3 el. 4.
  • 1 pieces of 120 cm polyester or dyneema sling.*
  • 3 pieces of carabiners.* (We only approve TWIST LOCKING carabiners).
  • Prusik: 135 cm long 6 mm rope when its not tied. Must be tied with double fisherman knot.
  • Harness; Must follow EN12 277 type C standard with identification tags, and with belay loop.
  • Helmet: CE standard Bike Helmet.
  • Leather gloves.

All equipment will be checked before the race.

There will be no exception from this list, the permits demand this equipment and you will not be allowed to go through the rope sections without this gear. A demonstration video for the rappel will be released later.


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